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8 to 14 is an initiative to drive business development and financial security through the startup and growth of businesses among active, former and retired athletes. 

Joshua Powell, Inc has partnered with Contracts & Grants, LLC to design the 8 to 14 project for men and women who are actively participating in, or who formerly participated in professional sports. Participants can learn to build lifelong wealth through Contracts & Grants, LLC's vast catalog of business development services that will enable athletes to start, run, and grow small businesses.


8 to 14 is a campaign led by professional basketball player Joshua Powell, and supported by Contracts & Grants, LLC to bring entrepreneur development to active, former and retired professional athletes through advocacy, outreach, awareness, and opportunities.  

Joshua Powell is a seasoned professional athlete. In an industry where the average career spans only about five years, his 14-year career playing professional basketball has been peppered with a string of achievements.  

With two NBA Championship rings from his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as championship wins with the WBA and the EuroLeague, Joshua has seen and experienced the challenges that go along with being a professional athlete, starting in an urban environment and rising to prominence. 

Throughout his professional career, Joshua Powell has worked to use his resources, relationships, and status as a professional athlete to help others. His nonprofit, 21 Reasons to Give provides resources and outreach to socially and economically disadvantaged youths.  

His own experiences as a professional athlete have helped him to understand the need for the 8 to 14 campaign, which provides support and resources to professional athletes and other professionals who have shorter than average occupational life cycles.  

The 8 to 14 campaign brings muchneeded awareness to the untold stories of so many professional athletes whose families and legacies will benefit from learning how to use their own talent, relationships, and resources as a foundation to build long-term wealth.

8 to 14 enables professional athletes to build lifelong wealth through entrepreneurship. 

Why 8 to 14 Exists

The average pro athlete has a career lifespan of less than 5 years. The average NFL player will spend just 2.8 years in the league before retiring. The average NBA player is out in about 4.5 years. 

Most athletes who go pro do so right out of college. In some cases, these talented, hard-working athletes will sign with professional ball clubs right out of high school.  

The biggest challenge many athletes face isn't landing a high-value contract. 

It's learning how to keep and grow their money after signing the contract, as many players enter professional sports franchises without even basic money management skills. 

The result is players retire after a few years in the league and find themselves completely destitute by their early 30s, at a time when their non-athlete peers are just hitting their professional strides.

Is business ownership your path to financial security?

Automate with Our Full Suite Business Management Services

We eliminate the learning curve and cut own your time investment by fully managing the process of building your business to best perform in both the public and private sectors. Then we find, vet, and bid on the federal proposals and commercial contracts that your company is best-suited to perform.

  • Manage the acquisition of an existing business 
  • "Stand-up" and manage the launch of a new business 
  • Business development and strategic planning for athlete-run businesses 
  • Manage day-to-day operations support for new businesses  
  • Coordinate funding with our partner, US Trust 
  • Find, administer, and manage and contracts 
  • Match businesses with commercial and government contracting opportunities

Linda Chatmon and NBA Champ Josh Powell

Pursuing Government and Commercial Contracts 

As part of our core offering to athletes, we provide services that enable you to make a successful transition into the government contracting space and/or the commercial contracting space.  

Pursuing government contracts usually requires you to have training to understand how to navigate the federal space, OR you need to have the time and resources to learn by trial and error.

Our mission is to partner with major sports franchises to create turn-key small business participation programs that will enable athlete-run businesses to bid on and secure commercial contracts to deliver the products and services sports franchises are already buying.  

Athlete-run small businesses that qualify to participate in the Contracts & Capital program will also be eligible to participate in the franchise’s bid process to compete for commercial contracts.

Linda CHatmon training business manager of Atlanta Falcons player

Baller Business Network

As a member of ACE, your company is automatically included in the Baller Business Network (BBN). BBN is a matchmaking tool that teams new and emerging athlete-owned businesses with existing businesses. More, BBN matches athlete-owned businesses with sports franchises, commercial buyers, and even government contractors that currently have a need for the products and services ACE companies sell. 


For a program like this one to work, it's important that the roles and responsibilities of both 8 to 14 participants and our internal team are clearly defined.


  • Supply your 8 to 14 adviser(s) with access to the people or entities in your network that can support your business and help it grow
  • Make introductions as needed
  • Attend two 8 to 14/ACE functions (to be scheduled in advance)
  • Appear in promotional video for ACE and promote 8 to 14 as a program participant
  • Mention ACE and the 8 to 14 program on at least one of your branded social media channels for
  • each month you (or your designates) are in the program
  • Leverage your existing relationships to pursue business development opportunities on your behalf
  • Provide bid/proposal support
  • Provide structured training in entrepreneur development


For providing our menu of services, which includes ongoing entrepreneur development training, business consulting, startup services, contract management, and business growth strategy, we provide two payment structures - profit-sharing and fee-for-services.


A 50/50 split of the profits between the participant (or the participant's designates) and Contracts & Grants, LLC from any revenue generated by a business registered in the ACE program. There's no upfront cost, and profit-sharing applies only to revenue that is the direct result of any level of effort put forth by Contracts & Grants, LLC, including proposal support services and business development.


For existing businesses or participants who would prefer a fee-for-service arrangement, they can pay our normal retainer fee of $5k per month billed against $85/hour and you keep 100% of your profit. 


Period of performance is 90 days with the option to extend for another 90 days up to a year after the initial period. Either party retains the right to cancel after the initial 90 days as long as the intent to cancel is provided 30 days prior to the end of the period.


ACE for Business partners top-performing business with high-profile athletes, celebrities and entertainers who are a good fit for the products and services your business sells.

We use your capabilities and their relationships to trigger exponential growth in your business, then provide you with the tools, development and even the personnel needed to help you successfully manage your growth.

We deliver turnkey startup launch services and automate business management in cases when an athlete, celebrity or entertainer doesn't have the time, or is otherwise not available, to manage the day-to-day tasks that come with running a business.

In such cases, it is often beneficial for high-profile individuals to partner with more established entrepreneurs who can oversee the daily management of a business while the athlete focuses instead on building relationships that the business can leverage for growth.


For providing our menu of services, we provide twopayment structures - profit-sharing and fee-for-services.


There's no upfront cost. A 50/50 split of the profits between your company and Contracts & Grants, LLC from any revenue generated by opportunities, projects, and contracts we bring in. We provide the proposal support and business development. We do not target your service but will use you if the opportunity arises.


For a more consistent and targeted approach to developing your business, we can build your sports and entertainment division by leveraging our athlete relationships. You pay our normal retainer fee of $5k per month billed against $85/hour.

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