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8a small Business Certification 

Opportunities abound for certified socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses!

Government agencies and community organizations have what are called set-asides - contracts that are earmarked to be fulfilled by small businesses that are economically disadvantaged (with a net worth of less than $750K) and /or owned and managed by a member of a social-disadvantaged group such as a minority, woman or veteran. 

Prime government contractors are always looking to fulfill their Small Business Participation requirements by subcontracting work to top-performing small businesses with 8a certification. 

Does Your Business Qualify for the 8a Business Development Program?

For certification purposes, a socially or economically business is defined this way by the Minority Business Development Agency:

Under the Small Business Act, certain individuals are presumed socially disadvantaged: African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Native Americans (American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts, or Native Hawaiians), and Subcontinent Asian Americans. An individual who is not a member of one of the groups listed can be admitted to the program if he/she shows - through a "preponderance of the evidence" - that he/she is socially disadvantaged. For instance, an individual may show social disadvantage due to race, ethnic origin, gender, physical handicap, long-term residence in an environment isolated from the mainstream of American society; or other similar causes.

What You Accomplish in This Clinic

Get ready to be certified. A lot of people don't realize the application process to participate in the 8a program is different from applications for other certification programs that people typically lump-together with the 8a. 

So, the 8a Small Business Certification Clinic is a start-to-finish 8a certification prep program for small businesses that meet the above eligibility requirements. During this one-day live training, you will: You will need to have access to your corporate documents for this training.

  • Review and Verify eligibility requirements to participate in the 8a program
  • Download documents needed to validate your eligibility (your corporate documents and everything on the checklist)
  • Walk you through the application process
Training Deliverable: Your 8a Package

How to Register

This clinic is a live, one-day training that is available onsite, live stream or via webinar replay. Those who attend the on-site training will be provided a boxed lunch. Of course, if you choose to register for the webinar, you will not have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Keep an eye on your inbox to find out when the next 8a Certification Clinic will be.

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