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Contracts and Grants, LLC is a multi-service firm that provides contract and grant support for corporations and agencies looking to do business with the government, as well as active government contractors who want to win more bids. For more than 20 years, the C&G team has offered procurement, staff augmentation and business development services to organizations that are learning how to win government contracts and grants.

Through hard work and years of experience, our team has cultivated the kind of in-depth knowledge needed to help our clients to successfully navigate the multifaceted and constantly-changing government contract and grant award landscape. We are recognized subject matter experts (SME) for Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). We have vast, proven expertise with a full array of contract vehicles.

In addition to working with clients, shoulder-to-shoulder, C&G founder Linda Chatmon, has authored two books – The Road to Government Contracts and Grant-Worthy. She also created a series of self-paced online training programs to help clients train and prepare key personnel in their organization to lead the effort to win government contracts and grants.

We do not merely talk about performance; we have the proven bottom-line results to back it up.

Since 2011,  we have secured over $12. 2 billion in contracts and grants negotiations and awards.

We have a vested interest in your success. 

We have the ONLY performance-based membership.  If you are NOT ready, we get you ready!!

9 Business Development Tools for Your Business

Contracts and Grants Online was founded on the belief that a member-based tool can be an invaluable resource for small and emerging businesses, AND those looking to do business with you.  We have developed nine business development tools to help our members. 

Performance Assessment Rating System(PARS) 
A system designed to vet all of our members so everyone is confident of performance. We also provide a Corrective Action Plan for those businesses that do not score favorably.

Contract Exchange Network
As a condition of Participation in this program, and to ensure that we all grow together, we require that members awarded contracts of $250,000 pledge 5% to another chamber member who has been vetted.

Capital Exchange Network
In 2019, we will be able to provide Chamber subscriber-members access to interest-free business loans with no credit check to help underwrite the cost of contract start-up.

Triple-Core Growth Strategy
Assistance and guidance for small businesses and start-ups in three major areas: contracts, relationships, and access.

Virtual Programming
All events will be live streamed so You no longer have to miss great events.·

Unprecedented Accountability 
The Road to Government Contracts  is the first ever performance-based membership boasting metrics for not only its membership but for the Chamber as well.·

Global Outreach
Contracts and Grants provides services all over the world, and has been exceptionally successful in Southwest Asia.

Federal/Defense Contract Access and Support
Contracts and Grants Online provide specific growth services for federal and defense contract bids, negotiations and project execution for all types of businesses, including those looking to provide their services remotely.·

EBid System
We are the only firm that offers an E-bid system to members!
Our President, Linda Chatmon has over 20 years of experience providing program management, training, contract management, acquisition support, and strategic planning/consulting through her company, Contracts and Grants. She has written two books on the subject and continues to serve as a champion for growth to her clients and now is looking to help YOU.

Boost your access and acumen to close more deals and grow your business. Join The Road to Government  Contracts  today and start reaping the benefits of membership.

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Contracts & Grants, LLC

For more than 20 years, Linda Chatmon and the Contracts and Grants, LLC team have offered procurement, staff augmentation, and business development services to organizations. We are federal acquisitions experts, and have secured more than $12.2 billion in contracts and grants negotiations and awards.

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