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Preparing Your Project Abstract - $19.99

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Getting funding for your project (whether for profit or non-profit) requires that you have an 'at-a-glance document called a Project Abstract. For-Profit is called a Capability Statement. For THIS class, we are going to focus on the Project Abstract. This is needed if you are looking to be funded by a non profit (even if you are a For Profit if you want a contract with a Non-Profit Organization, you will need a Project Abstract.

When you complete this course, you will have:

  1. Understand all of the Components of the Abstract
  2. First Draft of Your Project Abstract

What you will need:

  1. Your computer. You will be walking through the exercises, so it is important that you are at your computer.
  2. Any files, brochures you have that you will need to refer to
Your computer. You will be walking through the exercises, so it is important that you are at your computer.


Should You Turn Your Idea Into A Non-Profit? $19.99

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  1. The difference between a Non- Profit, a 501(c)3, and a Foundation
  1. What options are available to you for funding for each of the above
  1. Program Income, Grants, Contracts and Cooperative Agreements
  1. When Teaming with Non-Profits is the best course of action
  1. The VERY FIRST step in applying for GRANT
  1. The types of grant proposals that win funding

Not every non-profit mission should be a non-profit organization. You CAN be for-profit and still SERVE the community and be mission-driven

About this Event:

Before you go through the process of becoming a 501 (c) 3 organization. Take the time to determine if your should become one. Especially now that the tax laws have changed which may impact people's incentive to give.

Now is the time to evaluate, (re-evaluate for others) the options available to you if you want to SERVE the community, but are unsure of how best to do that. This workshop will give you all of the information you need to help you move forward with your 501 (c) 3, Foundation, or Non Profit, or NOT.

What you will learn:

Come to this workshop with your pen, your pad, your computer. Use this crucial course as the foundation for all future endeavors as a nonprofit founder, or as the basis to operate as a For-Profit. You will benefit from understanding these basic strategies of launching a successful nonprofit organization, or alternatives to being a mission-driven For Profit.

All Attendees get a copy of my E-Books - GrantWorthy, and The Road to Government Contracts for FREE!!


Preparing Your Organization for The Stimulus 5 Billion in Funding $19.99

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Funding is about to hit the street, so you need to make sure your organization is positioned to receive these funds.

This workshop will walk you step by step through finding, and then applying for these funds.

This course is an Action Interactive Workshop (not a seminar, you WILL do the work while we are going through the steps.

When you complete this course, you will have:

  1. Understanding of how to identify and apply for this funding
  2. Prepared your Project Abstract Draft

What you will need:

  1. Your computer. You will be walking through the exercises, so it is important that you are at your computer.
  2. Any files, brochures you have that you will need to refer to


This week was a blast. I’m still Not quite sure how I made it through but I did and you definitely made it more understanding then I could’ve imagined. Thank you!!! I’m so exited for my future in government contracts and grants! 

- Deanna Gonzalez

"Thankful for so much great information! "

- Courtney Childs

"It was so awesome talking to you.. thank you for uplifting me and enlightening me on grants. Thank you and looking forward to working with you.."

- Rosheata McClain

"So much information shared yesterday!!Beyond glad I joined..Shout to the Replay!!"

- bgabizgroup

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