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More Contracts and Grants Membership Benefits

The Contracts Exchange Network is an effective way for members to find properly vetted teaming partners to fulfill government contracts. This program is reserved for members who successfully complete PARS 1 and 2. Contracts and Grants requires the members of this program to do business with one another, or complete a Good Faith Effort form to document a failed attempt at finding teaming partners. 

Every company or organization included in the Contracts Exchange Network is vetted using PARS. That means not only can you be certain you are doing business with an organization that will be able to deliver, but businesses  and organizations outside the membership are far more likely to look for teaming partners through our Contracts Exchange Network rather than blindly picking names off a list of suppliers provided by other chambers and trade associations.

 Contracts Exchange Network

Access to the Contracts Exchange Network provides users with: 

    • Subscription to our E-bid System
    • Growth Plan
    • Pipeline
    • Tracking
    • Monthly growth coaching (group sessions)
    • Discounted consulting fees
    • Discounted proposal support

Why participate in the Contracts Exchange?

Corporations and Municipalities can:
    • Easily find and connect with small, minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses
    • Access performance ratings to make informed decisions
    • Request and accept bids from vetted sources
    • Fulfill mandates with quality, high performing companies that fit their criteria
Small business owners can:
    • Get rated based on a service audit—with a 90-corrective action plan should they fail to meet PARS standards
    • Gain exposure to large-scale projects and companies in need of their services
    • Connect, bid and win contracts they’d otherwise not have access to
    • Shorten their sales cycle and save on advertising costs

Performance Assessment Rating System (PARS)

Free to Members

Performance Assessment Rating System -PARS™ is a performance assessment rating system that uses a survey, AND mock environment (The Road to Government Contracts) to rate the performance of our membership based on a variety of performance metrics. 

These criteria, while not always based on past performance, WILL be carefully crafted performance indicators, including simulated events that can be used to predict the likelihood for successful performance of a contractor.

Further, for those small businesses that have challenges and or do not rate favorably, Contracts and Grants will provide a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to assist the supplier with increasing their rating by referring performance rated subject matter experts and or training where necessary.  We use this System to make referrals, and other business development related activity.  Learn More or Get Rated

The Road to Government Contracts

The Road to Government Contracts is a training program that walks you and your team step-by-step through the process successful contractors use to win federal contracts. 

You have three education tracks for completing your training: 

A la Carte

Take individual courses on your own at your convenience.  


An immersive, simulated experience for businesses that have some experience with government contracts but need to win more bids.  This course focuses on the two most common deficiencies.


This 30-day training program is an intensive real-world simulation of the actual process successful contractors use to win government contracts. This training will provide you with the strategies, skills, and process you need to sell to local, state, or federal agencies, including defense agencies. Additional Fee

Quarterly Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Sessions are short, informative sessions wherein Chamber members get to sit under the tutelage of Subject Matter Experts, dignitaries, and corporations

E-Bid System 

E-bid System –Contracts and Grants has its own E-bid system.  All members may post bid, but only Contract Exchange Members and Road to Government Contracts members are eligible to respond. Contracts and Grants will offer free or reduced rate proposal reviews by proposal experts for businesses that pledge to use Contracts and Grants Online to fulfill its subcontracting needs.

Contracts and Capital

Coming January 2020

This is our very own capital fund for Chamber members who have been awarded contracts, and who would like access to interest-free loans that require no credit check. Only those members that contribute to the fund are eligible. 

ABOUT Contracts and Grants Online

Contracts and Grants Online  is a membership offered by Contracts and Grants, LLC  created to assist businesses identify opportunities, build new relationships, and find and win government and defense contracts and grants.


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