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As part of our commitment to building small businesses, Contracts & Grants, LLC is rolling out a membership program designed to help government employees make successful transitions into their own small businesses.

It's true that one of the primary advantages employees have is that they get the opportunity to not just develop, but to hone their skill sets over the course of several years. By the time they reach retirement, many professionals who have spent their careers in 9 to 5 jobs walk away with specialized skills, strong professional networks, and years - possibly even decades - of experience working in their respective fields. THEY ARE EXPERTS. And expertise is a valuable asset for any small business.

We created  Employees Transitioning to Entrepreneurship as a pathway

to reposition top-performing employees as profitable business owners.

The program provides experienced  employees with the resources, tools, and opportunities entrepreneurs need to build strong businesses from the ground up, EVEN as participants are still employed in their  jobs.

What We Do

ETE (Employees transitioning into Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for existing employees, those approaching retirement, furloughed employees and those who have been laid off from their jobs to confidently plan for the future.

Whether you think of ETE as the ultimate exit strategy, a compelling retirement plan, or a way to generate a second revenue stream to supplement your paycheck, an opportunity exists.

The program is part of the Contracts and Grants Online membership, a platform that provides government contracts training to large and small businesses.

In addition to having access to our cloud-based, self-paced business development training, ETE participants also receive technical assistance to help them structure and "stand up" their small businesses.

We further help position these new businesses for growth by recommending their products and services to our vast professional network as the need arises.

ABOUT Contracts and Grants Online

Contracts and Grants Online  is a membership offered by Contracts and Grants, LLC  created to assist businesses identify opportunities, build new relationships, and find and win government and defense contracts and grants.


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