Introduction to Federal Contracting

So You Want to Do Business with the Government 

If you have ever considered doing business with your local, state, or federal government, you are not alone. The federal government alone spends nearly a half trillion dollars every year buying products and services from companies just like yours.  Making the transition from doing business in the private sector to selling to the government is a fantastic way to grow your business exponentially in a short amount of time.

But you need a plan if you want to be successful as a government contractor. 

We created this workshop to give you a bird's eye view of how you can prepare your business to find and  win government contracts. Find out the time-tested strategies that government contractors use to find opportunities that are a good fit for their organization. Find out how to reach out to government agencies and being the important task of building and managing relationships with procurement officers.

What You Will Learn in This Workshop

This interactive workshop will teach you:

  • What you need to do to prepare your business for government contracts
  • How to find government contracting opportunities in your community and state
  • How to find teaming partners to help you fulfill government contracts
  • How to position your business so that prime contractors can find you
  • What criteria government agencies use to determine if you're a good fit
Come to the session with your pen, your pad, and your questions. Use this short, but crucial course as the foundation for all future endeavors as a government contractor. You will benefit from understanding these basic strategies of making a successful transition to government contracting. Click here to sign up.

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